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Sep 5, 2022

The pastors’ wives kick off their “Share Your Story” series with their friend, Tanisha Merrell. Tanisha has come through quite a journey in her blended family, and she loves talking about it. Being a divorced pastor can stir up quite the controversy, but she and her husband have learned a lot about how to honor each other's stories and how God can use each of us to serve Him and point others to Jesus, no matter what our pasts hold.

Resources Tanisha suggests for anyone with a heart for blended family or divorce care ministry or for anyone in a remarriage/blended family situation:


The Smart Stepfamily -- Ron Deal

The Smart Stepmom -- Ron Deal and Laura Petherbridge

The Smart Stepdad -- Ron Deal

In Their Shoes -- Lauren Reitsema

Preparing to Blend -- Ron Deal

Divorce & Remarriage – Rubel Shelly (HIGHLY recommend for anyone with questions regarding what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage)

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