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Feb 28, 2022

The pastors’ wives discuss the “what ifs” today. What if you were no longer a pastor’s wife? What if you were no longer a pastor or full-time ministry leader? Who would you say you were? Where would your identity lie? Let’s chat about healthy identity! To shop the new line of merch, head here:

Feb 21, 2022

The pastors’ wives share vulnerably about times when criticism from well-meaning people and the enemy himself brought discouragement and heartache to the ministry. How do we move forward when the critic’s voice becomes louder in our minds than the voice of God himself? Let’s chat about it! To shop the new line of...

Feb 14, 2022

The pastors’ wives chat about how to remain faithful and stay grounded when you find yourself in a tough season where God hasn’t moved you out of the storm just yet. How do you walk in obedience and stay on mission when the church has made it exceptionally difficult to do so? It’s all answered here. To shop the...

Feb 7, 2022

The pastors’ wives have faced hardship and know what it’s like to desperately need a word from the Lord. They share life stories and verses that carried them through each difficult situation. For every discouraged pastor/pastor’s wife, this one’s for you!

To shop the new line of merch, head here: